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Residential Cleaning During COVID 19 in Flagstaff, AZ

Maintaining a clean home has always been important. As Covid-19 continues to spread the world over, it’s become more evident than ever how essential it is to stay on top of house cleaning tasks. Even before the pandemic, households relied on one or more adults working full-time hours (or more!) to make ends meet, leaving little time for everyday cleaning, let alone deep cleaning and disinfecting.

“We should really hire a cleaning service” is a phrase uttered over scores of kitchen tables as families survey their homes and try to triage the ever-growing list of chores they’ll need to tackle. In the past, some have perceived hiring a maid service or housekeeper as an indulgence. However, many more have come to recognize that the opposite is true. Far from being a luxury, residential house cleaning services fulfill a fundamental and essential need both in light of and in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Trueshine Cleaning Service

Why hire a house cleaning service

Hiring a house cleaning service frees up your time so you can focus more on the things that matter to you. Beyond unburdening your time and reducing stress and fatigue, residential house cleaning services can contribute to improved health. Allergens and bacteria can grow and settle on surfaces and circulate in the dust and air in your home. Viruses, meanwhile, can survive a surprisingly long time on household surfaces without prompt cleaning and sanitization.

In response to the threat presented by Covid-19, we’ve all grown cautious about whom we allow into our homes. Some have even wondered if they should continue to engage the services of housekeepers and maid services.

Both Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Anthony S Fauci, and chief of the infectious diseases division and professor of medicine and immunobiology at the University of Arizona, Elizabeth Connick, have shared that their house cleaning services are among the few people they continue to welcome in their homes besides immediate family.

Safe Cleaning for your home and family during COVID

Family Cleaning BusinessEven the most fastidious of homemakers have taken a closer look at their cleaning methods since Covid-19 came into our lives. Some might have completed tasks such as disinfecting door knobs and light switches weekly or even monthly, but now they have become daily drudges.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends wearing disposable gloves or a pair of clean reusable gloves used only for cleaning and urges routine cleaning and disinfecting of all high-touch household surfaces. This includes door knobs, light switches, countertops, tables, faucets, toilets, phones, tablets, and more. In addition to ensuring the cleaning agents you’re using are safe for use on each surface, you should use a disinfectant that meets EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) criteria for use against the novel coronavirus.

Those committed to using eco-friendly cleaning products, as we are, will be relieved to learn that many green cleaning products are just as efficient as harsh chemical agents. Among the most effective cleaning agents for hard surfaces, and the one recommended by the CDC, is plain soap and water. It’s important to note, though, that cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing. Cleaning, including green clean methods, removes dirt and debris. Cleaning serves as a precursor to disinfecting, which kills bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms when done correctly.

The chemicals in many disinfectants can exacerbate asthma symptoms and cause other side effects in a home’s human and animal inhabitants. However, the EPA’s list of approved disinfectants contains several eco-cleaning products that use citric acid or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect surfaces instead of bleach or quaternary ammonium compounds, which may trigger asthma attacks.

You can read the CDC’s complete guide to cleaning and disinfecting your home here.

Home Office Cleaning

Whether you’ve worked out of a home office for years or scrambled to set one up last March, home office cleaning is a crucial part of cleaning your home. We spend more hours working than most of us would prefer, and we need a clean and safe environment to do it in.

Seasonal flu viruses can survive on hard, nonporous surfaces like plastic and steel for up to 48 hours, and the coronavirus can survive up to 72 hours on these surfaces. Professional home cleaning and frequent disinfecting of your home office, including high-touch surfaces and electronics, can hamper the spread of viruses in your house. Your home office’s soft surfaces, including upholstered chairs, carpets, and drapes, can hold allergens, dust, mites, and other irritants that are removed only through thorough and consistent cleaning.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, at TRUE SHINE we have taken measures to ensure both our employees’ health and yours. You can often arrange to have us arrive when your family is not home. You may also be able to schedule us outside of your working hours depending on what they are, so you won’t be present during the cleaning and your work won’t be interrupted.

How True Shine is Handling COVID

Trueshine Eco Cleaning Flagstaff

  • Everything we do at TRUE SHINE is guided by our core commitments to being socially just, environmentally conscious, and client-focused. With these principles as our guide, we hold your safety and that of our employees as paramount and have implemented the following Covid-19 safety protocols:
  • We’ve implemented temperature screening checks for all TRUE SHINE staff.
  • All TRUE SHINE employees wear masks, gloves, and booties and are provided with hand sanitizer.
  • Social distancing is strictly observed, and sanitizing is completed between customers.
  • We’ve instituted contactless payment and are offering telephone and video quote appointments for cleaning and sanitizing services.
  • We provide optional disinfection services of high touch areas with an EPA-approved disinfectant at no charge.
  • We no longer work in teams and have instead switched over to the much safer “solo cleaning” to further decrease the potential of spread


TRUE SHINE provides unparalleled residential cleaning using our Signature Service 45-Point checklist to ensure a thorough floor-to-ceiling cleaning on every visit. We provide all needed supplies and equipment, including our custom-made eco-friendly cleaning products that clean your home without leaving behind any artificial fragrance or toxic residues that could harm your family’s health.  We also disinfect frequently touched surfaces with EPA approved disinfectants.

We are insured, bonded, and licensed, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee always backs our service. Should you ever feel we’ve missed something or are not fully satisfied, we’ll send our team back out to make it right. Whether you need to schedule standard cleaning, initial deep cleaning, move-in or move-out services, or post-renovation clean-up, we’ll work with your schedule and are always happy to accommodate any special needs or requests you might have.

TRUE SHINE is here to help our Flagstaff friends and neighbors keep their homes clean and families safe through today’s challenges and beyond. Call us at 928-421-2101 for a free, no-commitment quote for eco-friendly residential or commercial cleaning services today.


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