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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Window Cleaning

Our clients agree that maintaining a professional outward appearance of their commercial property is high in their priority list. Items such as paint and roof condition, landscaping, general cleanliness outside the premises, and the condition of glass surfaces (windows and glass doors) are but a short list of what truly begins the process of forming a first impression for potential clients. What do they see and how do they feel when they first arrive? Does the property look well taken care of and welcoming? Does it look like it’s falling apart and has probably seen better days (or years)? I am sure we can all think back on a new place we’ve visited recently, and recall what our first impression of it was. Did we want to get out of our car and go inside? Your senses took in all of the information in front of you…the visuals, the scents, the sounds…hopefully, with the current pandemic, you weren’t touching or tasting too much of your surroundings! Breaking down the experience item by item, today we will focus on glass surfaces. Because of our wonderful pine trees in Flagstaff and their copious amounts of pollen, the vast majority of locals know about and invest in window and glass care regularly. Whether it’s our windy spring, our dusty summer, our capricious autumn, or our snowy winters, Flagstaff locals appreciate and upkeep their windows and glass doors.

What is Commercial Window Cleaning?


Commercial window cleaning, as its name suggests, is the cleaning of windows of commercial structures. We provide window cleaning services when the cleaning involves first floor windows or glass walls, or when windows in upper floors flip indoors. This includes but is not limited to office cleaning, showroom cleaning, and warehouse cleaning. Additionally, as home offices have become the new norm in recent months, commercial window cleaning also includes these workspaces within the residential realm. Whether it is a zoom meeting or you are welcoming a client into your home office, having a professional and clean workspace is key.

Commercial cleaning of windows can be a high risk and specialized field when performed on multiple story buildings. Window cleaning on a tall ladder or lift carries great liability with it. When such cleanings are needed by our clients, we always give recommendations of a local commercial cleaning company that specializes in windows.

Does commercial window cleaning mean commercial harsh cleaning products?


Most often than not, commercial window cleaning equates to the use of harsh cleaning products. At TRUE SHINE, we care deeply about the environment, as being environmentally conscious is one of our core values. When commercial window cleaning is to be done on first floors only, or where windows can be flipped to the inside of the building, we are happy to use our own line of natural cleaning products. Lucky for us, most of our commercial clients fall within this category of either having one story buildings or having windows that can be turned in for cleaning on upper floor levels. It is only under these circumstances that we offer window cleaning services. The same applies for glass walls and glass doors. Like with our commercial and residential cleaning services where we use eco-friendly cleaning products, the same applies to our window cleaning services. We use green cleaning products throughout that are just as effective or better than their conventional counterparts, leaving toxins and streaks completely out!

Equipment and tools for Commercial Window Cleaning


There are two types of cleaning companies for commercial window cleaning: those that specialize in high rise windows and those like us at TRUE SHINE who do clean commercial properties but like to keep our feet on the ground! For businesses that specialize in multiple story commercial window cleaning, they have the usual tools: extension poles, squeegees, scrubbers, chemical cleaning agents, and sometimes pressure washers. For very tall buildings, scaffolding or even cranes are used. Here at TRUE SHINE, because we stay on the ground, we believe that simple is best. Our window cleaning toolkit consists of:

  • Non-scratch sponges
  • Eco cleaning solutions
  • Washable cleaning cloths
  • Washable polishing cloths
  • Blades (for removing sap, glue, stickers,etc.

The risk involved in multiple story commercial window washing is worth another mention. Liability and risk of injury is very high for these conventional commercial window cleaning businesses. This is why at TRUE SHINE we have chosen to stick to the ground floor, and do things in a way that allows us to provide the green clean and safe experience our commercial clients desire.

How to find a commercial window cleaning company near you


TRUE SHINE is your local environmentally conscious cleaning company. If you are searching for commercial cleaning services in the greater Flagstaff area, and your windows and glass are on the main floor level of your building, or your windows can be turned indoors for cleaning, we are your best bet. Many people searching for services will search for terms such as office cleaning near me, or office cleaning agency. These terms will yield very broad results that might not give you exactly what you are looking for. If your needs include cleaning of windows on a second story or higher, we recommend that you do your due diligence and find a specialized company that is able to provide a business license, liability insurance, and proof of worker’s compensation. Conventional window cleaning can be very dangerous when heights are involved, and you want to make sure you are not putting your own business at risk by hiring someone who is not well insured. If they refuse to email you proof of insurance, run the other way! Any reputable business would be very comfortable and would be accustomed to doing this for their clients. If you would like a recommendation, feel free to call us at 928-421-2101 and we would be happy to refer you to local professional cleaners.



Remember to always have the wellbeing of those around you at the top of your list. In addition, do not open up your business to liability by not properly vetting your cleaning company. Once you have decided on hiring a cleaning service for your window washing needs, make sure you have them scheduled on a recurring basis. Do not wait until your windows are screaming for attention. Your windows and any other glass surfaces are a reflection of how you run your business, and their upkeep and appearance will definitely have an effect on your clients’ first impressions. Don’t forget that having a clean and well-kept commercial property will also have a positive impact on your employees, and they are your largest asset. TRUE SHINE is Flagstaff’s local green cleaning company and we would love to help you get your windows sparkly clean for you! Call us at 928-421-2101 for a quote on cleaning your commercial property.

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