Who We Are
TRUE SHINE prides itself in being the kind of business that truly cares about its clients.  With us, you will find consistently reliable service that exceeds your expectations.  We work around your schedule and your preferences, and have co-created cleaning packages with individual clients.  We offer comprehensive packages to small and large businesses, offices, homes, Airbnbs, and rentals.  Our service is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means you will always have it your way.  As expected, we are insured, bonded, and licensed.  
Environmentally Conscious  
TRUE SHINE is unique in its tenet of environmental stewardship.  We never use disposable or paper products for our cleaning services.  Instead, we use washable and reusable tools and equipment that significantly reduce our environmental impact.  To avoid cross-contamination, items are color coded for different applications.  In addition, TRUE SHINE makes its own cleaning products that are all natural and organic.  We use these products free of charge, enabling us to leave your space truly clean without toxic residues or fragrances, while safeguarding our workers' health.  We will be launching our cleaning products line soon. Stay tuned! 
Socially Just
TRUE SHINE believes that improving our community is an integral part of our business model.  This is accomplished in several ways: 1) We pay our employees a fair wage that is well above industry standards.  We believe that the service quality you receive is directly correlated to our workers' well-being and satisfaction.  2) We support local as much as possible.  This is accomplished by sourcing our supplies and equipment from other small business owners where possible, and is reflected all the way down to what we use to bottle and package our cleaning products.  3) We live in the valley and we love the valley.  We are proud partners of Cleaning For A Reason, which allows us to volunteer our services to individuals undergoing oncology treatment in our community .  We also have a registered Pet Partners team. Founder Lorena, and TRUE SHINE mascot Braveheart, volunteer their time with children and college students help with literacy and stress relief.