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Lorena | Owner of TrueShine Cleaning
Lorena and family
Lorena's dog
Biologist turned entrepreneur, Lorena Zeilman, opened TRUE SHINE in January 2017. A first-generation American citizen, Lorena wanted to contribute to her Flagstaff community by creating a business with heart. In true scientific fashion, TRUE SHINE was born out of an experiment. Lorena made an observation about the cleaning staff that routinely cleaned the lab where she worked as a Research and Development Laboratory Manager.

Because the cleaning staff was Spanish-speaking, they commiserated, and Lorena began to learn about the plight of people involved in the cleaning industry. As she educated herself more and more, Lorena learned about the underpayment, mistreatment, and abuse that is commonplace in the cleaning industry. Around the same time, Flagstaff Needs A Raise Campaign was trying to pass a minimum wage increase for employees of the City of Flagstaff. Lorena decided to take action. She formulated a hypothesis and got to work.  She believed that her ecological theories and principles would be highly valuable transferable skills for the creation of a business. She thought of everything as being interconnected; having multiple and sometimes complicated effects on different variables. She created TRUE SHINE based on 3 tenets:

  1. Being socially just 
  2. Being environmentally conscious 
  3. Being client-focused 

Believing that one must lead by example (and raising two impressionable young ladies), Lorena decided that TRUE SHINE also needed to give back to the community via volunteerism. So she got herself and her dog Bravie certified as a Therapy Team via Pet Partners, and also became a contributor to the international non-profit Cleaning For A Reason.  

What were the results? Well, for one, the business didn’t die from paying her employees higher than the industry standard. To the contrary, it has experienced a sustained growth trajectory. As months and years go by, data continues to be analyzed. But how does one measure the heart of a business? Conventional methods such as Profit & Loss reports are one way. But most important are the data points that are harder to quantify, such as employee satisfaction, client happiness, community impact, elicited smiles, feelings of gratitude, the thrill of bringing an imagined concept into reality, the daily person-person interactions, environmental stewardship. These data points and others will continue to be analyzed, and variables will continue to be changed in order to create the best results possible and to adapt to a changing world. The conclusion based on the thriving of the business indicates that an ecological and heart based business model can be successfully carried out and implemented with positive outcomes.  

Our Impact

Trueshine Cleaning teamTRUE SHINE believes that improving our community is an integral part of our business model. This is accomplished in several ways:

  1. We pay our employees a fair wage that is well above industry standards. We believe that the service quality you receive is directly correlated to our workers’ well-being and satisfaction.
  2. We believe we are making a direct and positive impact on our community by not polluting or releasing harmful chemicals in the air and water.
  3. We support local businesses as much as possible. This is accomplished by sourcing our supplies and equipment from other small business owners where possible, and is reflected all the way down to what we use to bottle and package our cleaning products.
  4. We are proud partners of Cleaning For A Reason, which allows us to volunteer our services to individuals undergoing oncology treatment in our community.
  5. Founder Lorena and TRUE SHINE mascot Braveheart, volunteer their time with children and college students help with literacy and stress relief as well as volunteering with Pet Partners, an animal therapy program.

Why Green Cleaning?

TRUE SHINE is unique in its tenet of environmental stewardship. With a biologist as our founder, we have a unique understanding of the impact traditional cleaning products have on your health and the environment. We never use disposable or paper products for our cleaning services. Instead, we use washable and reusable tools and equipment that significantly reduce our environmental impact. To avoid cross-contamination, items are color-coded for different applications.
More About Green Cleaning
We also make our own cleaning products that are all-natural and organic. We use these products free of charge, enabling us to leave your space truly clean without toxic residues or fragrances while safeguarding our workers’ health.

Conventional cleaners are made from chemicals that contain phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonia. These chemicals are harmful to humans, animals, and plants in the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) categorizes many of these chemicals as “volatile organic compounds.” When these traditional cleaning products are used in your toilets, sinks, dishwashers or other appliances, the chemicals are rinsed down the drain eventually. The water’s journey goes from your house to wastewater treatment facilities and then to rivers and lakes. If your home has a septic system, using organic products is crucial because unlike conventional cleaners, our nontoxic organic cleaning products will not harm your septic system. The majority of contaminants are removed before the water makes its way back to rivers or lakes (or snowmaking) but not all are removed. Over time they can have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. As local Flagstaff green cleaners, we are proud to help reduce the harmful chemicals and waste in our community.


“You get what you pay for. Professional, detailed and thorough throughout the entire process. The environment friendly and pleasant smelling cleaning products added a unique touch.”

William Henning


“Honest and ethical company as far as their cleaning supplies are concerned. They don’t use any harsh chemicals and most of what they use use is biodegradable. However, due to the Covid-19 they do have a strong cleaner to attack the virus, but it does not smell horrible. Clean, thorough, effective, yet quick team. Highly recommended.”

Vanessa Chicharello


“Trueshine is a reliable cleaning service with great customer service. Very easy to work with and unbeatable results.”

Sara Chronowski

COVID cleaning

COVID-19 Safe

Your safety and the safety of our employees is the most important thing. Here is what we have implemented to be Covid-19 safe:

  • Staff wears masks
  • Temperature checks required for all staff
  • Staff wears gloves and booties
  • Optional complementary disinfection service of frequently touched surfaces with EPA approved disinfectant
  • Telephonic or video quote appointments
  • Contactless payment
  • Hand sanitizer provided
  • Social distancing enforced
  • Sanitizing between customers

Join Our Team

Do you love cleaning?

We know our employees are our greatest asset, and we treat them like VIPs! Our employees love what they do, and you will too! Do you enjoy interacting with clients in a kind and professional manner? We are looking for A+ candidates only! Do you have what it takes? Are you looking to become part of a friendly family of professional home and office cleaners? Make top pay and you’ll never have to work nights or weekends. Within 60 days you’ll be making $20 – $30 per hour cleaning houses while getting paid to stay fit, so cancel that gym membership! Don’t sit for a living, work with us and be active, get paid, look and feel great, and do good in our community!

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What we are looking for

  • Pleasant & positive can-do attitude
  • High energy
  • Thoroughness
  • Dependability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Your own transportation
  • Excellent communication skills

What we offer

  • The highest compensation in the industry
  • Paid training
  • Room for growth
  • Low stress, easy dress code
  • No nights, no weekends
  • Holidays off
  • Birthday pay
  • Paid time off and paid vacation

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